Sunday, December 15, 2013

Rap Game Billy Collins

Right now I'm sorta jazzed, sorta bummed, sorta floating, on life/writing right now. I'm coming out of a bit of a funk but I moved to Durango CO and now I feel like there is so much new shit to do that I'll never get through it all. I mean, I walk to work in a town that has a ski hill in the city limits? It's ridiculous.
Workin on a collab project that is just the shit right now. heres a few lines:

Hang on, let me take a picture of this burrito, then
we can talk about how invitations work. The entire
wedding service will be spoken in tongues. I don't

fuck with

It goes like that for like 5 pages right now. And it's so so so much fun writing this shit too.
I'm worried that I'll drink my face-off living here
I've got a book review out a while ago. On Joshua Marie Wilkinson's Swamp Isthmus. It's a different review for me. Most of the time I write a review, I create a personal/lyric entrance into the piece. It felt pretty strange to not have that. It didn't even really have a clear: BUY THIS BOOK, IT'S VERY GOOD. So that's what I'm doing now: buy this book, it's very good.
Electroshock therapy is swirling around people I know. It sounds scary. It sounds magical.

You can call me whatever you want.

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