Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Less Than Less Than Zero

So I started reading Less Than Zero over the weekend and it's really good (I've said before that I like stories about assholes). I'm about halfway through. I probably would have finished it but I got some kind of bug.

I wish I could read while I was sick. I've been watching movies and tv shows almost non-stop. What season is Doctor Who supposed to get good?

I've been sicker the last few days than I have been in a few years. I haven't been able to eat the last two days. I feel like my body is allergic to fluids. I ate a few bites of turkey and mashed potatoes today and one bite of enchiladas last night. I just ate a banana. My poop is the color and consistency of yellow gatorade.

Idk when I was last this sick. I had a head cold this fall. I had rough cough in Portland last fall. And before that? I really don't know. I have a really strong immune system. I thank the bout with MRSA I had during my last semester of undergrad for that.

the line marks the infection
the growth of the infection
after surgery/catheter removed
I was in the hospital for seven days, three days surgery/recovery, and the rest of it observation. I had to work on my undergrad research paper and a poetics paper while I had a catheter in my elbow that drained fluids out of the infected area and an antibiotic and morphine drip in my other arm. I often forget how close I was to losing my arm.

Before that I was kind of sickly. I had walking pneumonia the spring before that. I had severe infection in my throat that some cray doctor said could be cancer and needed to be checked out by a specialist. I developed arthritis in my knees one summer.

The arthritis still flares up occasionally. I take an Aleve for that. Other than a regular sex-part checkup, I haven't been to the doctor since I was in the hospital for the MRSA five years ago. I feel pretty good about that.


Gina Abelkop said...

ahg, feel better! i think about getting into dr who but i'm scared of it being terrible, please advise.

Robert Alan Wendeborn said...

will do. The first season seams pretty low production quality. I've heard it gets better around 4-5, which seems like a really long development time.

Daniel said...

Downton Abbey totally got me hooked.

Robert Alan Wendeborn said...

@daniel, I've been tempted to try Downton, but haven't been able take the leap. Similar to Mad Men, it seems pretty involved, like I'll have to give a shit the whole time I'm watching. I like things I can multitask to, like Star Trek, Dr. Who, No Reservations, etc. I do love long form narrative, but only a few at a time.