Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Random Thoughts...

I'm going to read Denis Johnson's Train Dreams this week because I loved Jesus Son and Shane Jones said something on his facebook about Train Dreams reminding him of reading Jesus Son and I love Shane Jones and Jesus Son, so I'm reading Train Dreams right now.

A Washed Up Battlefield

I'm going to read a Less Than Zero soon. I read this interview of Bret Easton Ellis in The Paris Review and BEE seems like a real asshole and I love assholes and it seems like his books are about assholes and I love books about assholes (see above mention of Jesus Son). I watched The Rules Of Attraction and it reminded me of a strange mix of when I was 18, this past summer, and the summer I went to Europe...

I met a politician today. Probably the first time ever. I liked him. He's for lowering college tuition, marriage equality, and marijuana legalization.

Finished my ecopoetics paper proposal. Someone said it was sexy. Someone said it was really good and was surprised that I "start(ed) doing work like this" to which I should have said, damn right mother fucker.

I did an interview with Carrie Murphy and Dan Magers at HTMLGiant. I liked doing it. I'm probably going to do it again. Favorite part:

DM: That’s awesome. My MFA thesis sucked.
Very Ashbery imitation
CM: haha. i mean, no one’s to say my MFA thesis DIDN’T suck..just someone happened to want to publish it!

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carrie murphy said...

who said that about when you started doing work like this!?