Friday, October 12, 2012

End On A Good Note

Basically just bombed a whole week away. My computer died a little last Thursday. The OS wouldn't load and I had to go to ABQ to fix it because I was too lazy or too poor to ever purchase the three OS upgrades that Apple has issued in the last four years. When re-installing my OS the hard-drive had a minor crash and I had to buy a new hard-drive. So, that sucks.


I'm thinking of applying for w+k12 again. I made it to the second round last time. I have a good idea on how to apply. Getting it done is just a matter time constraints and getting a website to work properly, which I haven't figured out how to do yet. All my HTML files are working fine when I load them from my computer, but I can't figure out the DNS thing. Maybe it's just me, but I suspect that godaddy is just terrible. So that sucks.


I'm scheduled to read some poems in Omaha NE in November for Strange Machine. I'm working on a zine called OMAHA GOD specifically for the reading. It'll have facts about Omaha and Nebraska, some comics and illustrations, as well as a long poem about a god called Omaha God. Here's the first draft of the cover.

I feel like I'm not very good at drawing corn. I think I'm gonna have to practice a bunch. So that sucks.


I'm thinking more and more that I'm a generalist; that I don't have a specific thing that I'm good at. I may be doomed to float around forever, not being an expert at any single thing, but knowing a little about everything. I used to think that I was good, or could be good, at anything I tried to do. This is proving to be very false. So that sucks.


On A Good Note:
1. Being a generalist isn't that bad; I may be shallow, but I am very broad.
2. I'm not that bad at drawing corn.
3. I get free support from godaddy and my idea for my portfolio/application for 12 is going to be cool if I can figure them both out in tandem. I may spend an entire day on the phone with godaddy to make it work.
4. The new hard-drive I purchased is more than twice the size of my last hard-drive and the whole repair cost less than a monthly phone bill.

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