Monday, April 01, 2013

National Poetry Month

It's National Poetry Month and there are some festivities to be told about.

1. 30 x Lace, curated by Carrie Murphy and Birds of Lace. I will have a poem in it. It's new, it's fresh, it's about being disappeared, and it's gonna be rad. Today there's a poem by Nichole Steinberg and she writes about a really interesting book of poems, Diana Lucifera. Here's a couple lines from her piece titled, There Is No Romantic:

...We’re all so warm
and pink, it’s obscene. I don’t want any
part of it. It took me years to learn
simple tasks: how to snap my fingers,
tie my shoes. My mother’s early gaze
full of worry that love would escape
me, too.

2. I'm writing poem things on my tumblr everyday. I'm going to write through the major arcana, reblogging images of the cards and attaching notes to them.

3. Here I will be trying to share an excerpt from a poem that's in an online mag along with some thoughts about the poem from time to time.

4. Anyone know of any good things to follow? Good poets that are also doing something? Good magazines/poetry websites/etc?


L. said...

I am already loving the Arcana poems!


Robert Alan Wendeborn said...

thanks L! Are you doing anything special for NaPoMo?