Sunday, March 03, 2013

Spring: To Move Suddenly Upward Or Forward

I've felt very behind lately. I'm a week late in my grading, which translates to 100+ papers. My department recently had a norming session and I realized how far behind I am in my class. Not just the grading, but I haven't covered enough by this point in the semester.

I don't know when I finished reading a book last. Right now I'm reading Songbook by Nick Hornby. It's such a great book. I'm flying though it. I hope I finish it tomorrow. I'm proposing a class on writing about music and want to use it as a text book.

I feel very dormant in my life. I haven't bolted in over a month. I feel complacent. I haven't ventured, so I guess I haven't gained. Which to me, feels like failure.

I think my feelings are wrong. Even if I haven't gone on any grand adventures, I haven't had anything spectacular happen, things feel the same, that doesn't mean they are. They aren't.

They're just very slow. Slow change is not how I operate usually. Usually, I just move across the country in a train. Usually, I just end relationships and start over with someone new. Usually, I just change who I am and what I'm doing and become a new person. But this change now, this is very slow, and I am having a really really hard time feeling it. But there is change.

I recently applied to Teach for America and I'm getting a phone interview next week. I started working out again regularly since the new year and have lost 15 pounds. I'm shaving my head as part of a St. Baldrick's Foundation event in Las Cruces on the 16th of March (please consider donating or sharing this; all funds go to childhood cancer research). Aside from a date in Texas, me and some friends are set for doing a reading tour of the Southwest in May. We'll start in Tucson and end in New Orleans (if you live somewhere in between, please come hangout!).

I bought my mother tulips last year for mother's day. After the potted plant died, I planted them in her side yard. They have started to poke out of the ground.

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