Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New Year's Resolutions

1. Move Closer to Culture
I currently live in a very rural area; a mile down a dirt road. I want to move closer to where I work or in a neighborhood. I haven't ridden my bike but three times since I moved here from Portland a year ago.

2. Create and Maintain a Significant Online Writing Project
I'm working on creating a blog for reviewing winners of the Yale Series of Younger Poets. I'll write one review a week and post links to readings or poems from the books and their poets. I'm hoping to have it ready in February. One per week is very ambitious and optimistic. It will probably be one every other week. Occasionally I'll write something about the judges. The whole project should take more than two years.

3. Fall in Love as Much as Possible
I had a pretty rough year in the love category. I tried falling several times, but I just couldn't. It was basically a series of disasters, though I don't consider them failures (I should probably write about what I think about a "successful" vs a "failed" relationship).

4. Seek Stability without Sacrificing Freedom or Creativity
I haven't been stable since I've graduated from poetry school. It's a rough world out there. I haven't had anything offered that would tie me down, but it would still have to be the right opportunity. I mean, they're hiring underground miners at the coal mine and paying 20+ an hour, and I'm tempted.

5. Follow the Guidance of the Sun

I had this crazy experience last year, driving south on I-25. The Sun talked to me. I need to be closer to the Sun. I need to stay out of deep water. I need to swim toward light. I need to orbit the Earth. I need to peel off my watery skin. My eyes need to blur in the heat. I need a chariot and I'll streak the sky.

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