Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Fun Little Writing Website

I love anything that will help me write/write something for me. Robot Poetry Reading is a fun little site. Angelo Plessas actually wrote a whole book of poems titled, Robot Poetry Reading, using the program, and it's a gorgeous looking book... 

Here is the poem I wrote using the site (note: I added line breaks):

lick a large 
black Man ' or follow 

another point in time meeting 
this Monday, My girlfriend is 
a Nine Tailed Fox DramaWiki. 

I wish 2011 Subtitles, AKA 
Jodaeiye Nader, 
The USA was started 
&. My dad said I Could sell 

The Poop TUBE 
Bill Gates was Ready 
to Swing. My cat is named 
Toothless Imgur. My favorite food 
is You DJ Icey. 

Baseball was Invented, 
I think,. You might, 
I study? I dream of purple 
sunsets on Europa may have 
Lakes in Chile. I want to lose 
my baconator in a tire fire.

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