Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Published Blogpost In The Style Of And About Selected Unpublished Blogposts of A Mexican Panda Express Employee

i've never met megan boyle and never been her friend on facebook and i've never followed her on twitter except when her and tao lin got married. i think i unfollowed her when i unfollowed bebe zeva. i think she must have an interesting online presence and probably should follow her or something

i just googled bebe zeva and i'm really glad that i unfollowed her when i did. seems like bebe is so mainstream now

i was surprised she never said, 'seems bleak' in the whole book. thought, 'maybe 'seems bleak' was only popular after she wrote it, or 'seems bleak' was edited out because the phrase wasn't 'cool anymore''

i read 'everyone i've had sex with' when it was in thought catalogue. i wanted to do that too, but i have a hard time getting over the shame that occurs when i list them in my head. the people i've had sex with who might read this aren't the ones that would bother me, but the ones that would never read this in a million years

i did make a list of what the people i've had sex with would be if each person was the celebrity they most resembled. at the time i made the list, one of them was a muppet and one of them was channing tatum

there weren't a lot of 'poems' in the book. i felt like i was reading a memoir. there were a few good poems though

there was one part where she says all she wants to do is live somewhere warm and drive trucks and i think she is driving trucks as a job now. she is living her dreams

there were some really sentimental moments in the book which was surprising. i guess i have this assumption about muumuu house that their aesthetic is about extreme detachment. megan boyle seems very attached to the world, even if she doesn't feel connected all the time

i bought the book for my sister for christmas because my sister is around the same age. i ended up reading the whole book before i sent it to her. i took pictures of the parts i liked:

the idea of taking online quizzes in your head is really funny.
in 2009 i made a list of new year's resolutions. first on the list was 'don't die'
second on the list was 'don't fall in love'

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