Friday, November 23, 2012

Writing: To Edit Or Unedit

Writers who brag about endlessly editing their work annoy me. Writers who crank out a 'publishable' story without editing it annoy me. People who write and think everything they write is publishable annoy me.

I'm in Milwaukee now. Writing in a coffee shop with a friend from grad school. This place is a pile and this place is awesome.

Somethings we publish as writers are going to be turned into pulp. Have you ever been to a used book store? You think all those books have been read? I doubt it. I'd rather write a poem and give it to one person I know, than right a book of poems that gets turned to pulp.

Chicago was amazing. This trip has been amazing. Lots of good conversations about poetry and art.

If I ever publish a book, some copies will undoubtedly be pulped or garbaged. Publishing is so wasteful. Feels like the parable of the seeds. Feels like the internet/self-publishing is throwing seeds into a cave: they don't die, but they don't grow either, just remain dormant.

There will be a run-down of this trip once I get back.

Somethings we write are never going to matter to anyone. That doesn't scare me at all. It's quite refreshing.

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